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Solar panel cleaning consultancy

Our success is based on our expert knowledge of solar panel cleaning.  We offer global solar panel cleaning consultancy and training service, answering inquiries and training panel cleaners from all four corners of the world.  Our vision  led Clean Solar to develop into a broader O&M company for the solar industry in Brazil with expansions in Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile.

His ongoing research into all aspects of solar panel cleaning in various countries, both in a practical and a technical sense, gives him a unique understanding of global solar panel cleaning.

Cristiano Latalisa is​​ a global solar panel cleaning consultant, advising companies and individuals on proper asset management in relation to solar panel cleaning.

Special consultancy for
  solar panel on a wide range of subjects including:

cleaning frequency 

Optimizing ROI

types of dirt

dirt accumulation rates

Correct solar panel cleaning equipment

Solar panel cleaning within warranty guidelines

Cleaning large ground-mounted solar farms

Cleaning of roof mounted solar panels on a large scale

Cleaning floating solar panels

Lichen growth on solar panels

Our solar panel cleaning consulting service can provide clarity to your cleaning schedule and needs, ensuring your assets are of a high standard of long-term performance.


Solar panel cleaning training

Solar Cleaning offers a solar panel cleaning training course that can be taken in any country or online. It is currently available in Portuguese, but will also be available in Spanish in the near future.


Solar Cleaning's solar panel cleaning training course was held for over 350 people  in Brazil. It covers subjects that solar panel cleaners need to know, such as:


How do solar panels work?

What health and safety risks are associated with solar panel cleaning?

How to overcome these risks

What equipment is available and what equipment should be used for solar panel cleaning?

How often should solar panels be cleaned?

How do solar panel cleaning methods differ from country to country?

What is the future of solar panel cleaning?

Upon completion of the course, a training certificate.

Contact us to schedule a training course or schedule a solar panel cleaning consultation consultation


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