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Solar Clean® is your #1 choice for cleaning incredibly clean solar panels.

Solar Clean® solutions are patented and sized with high quality and performance equipment to ensure fast, safe and efficient cleaning.

We are a company specialized in providing equipment for cleaning photovoltaic solar panels. With us your investment does not become a loss.


In order to overcome the problems associated with conventional methods of cleaning solar panels for roof and ground installations, we at Solar Cleaning ® have created (patented technology) equipment designed to work on any type of installation, slope or structure. mounting. ​ Regular cleaning of the solar panel provides great  results, especially increased energy production.  

We provide solar cleaning equipment with fixed and rotating brushes, manual and automatic solutions that produce an effective and non-abrasive cleaning, which makes energy production reach its maximum efficiency. Our R&D department continuously improves solar panel cleaning equipment, we provide suitable equipment for any type of solar photovoltaic installation.

Solar Clean is owned and operated by veterans, fully authorized and insured, and is committed to providing efficient equipment to ensure your solar panels are spotless, protected and ready to generate Power.

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