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Solar® Cleaning Product

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The Solar Clean® solution  quickly and efficiently cleans different types of dirt, optimizing the use of water in the washing procedure.


The product's formula provides additional protection to the panel at the end of the wash which will reduce water stains and delay adhesion and dirt build-up on the solar panel.


These benefits make it the most cost-effective PV panel cleaner on the market.  TESTED PRODUCT.

Free from fluorocarbons and other buildup chemicals that negatively affect the environment. No titanium dioxide (TiO2) or any other nanoparticles that could affect human health.  Environmentally friendly (non-toxic and biodegradable).  


Faster and easier cleaning, which allows for less use of inputs.  Fewer cleaning cycles required, saving on O&M costs.  UV resistant and stable, essential in areas with high solar loads.  Ready to use and easy to apply.  Short cure time even at room temperature.

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Experience higher yields for longer

Understand what solar panel manufacturers say about solar cleaning to keep the warranty!

Quick, easy and efficient cleaning of any type of dirt. Use of much less water in cleaning the panels. Optimization of water consumption.

Dirt will not adhere as easily to the surface of the solar panel, thus preventing a rapid decrease in the solar panel's energy output.

Extension of cleaning intervals. Automatically extending the life of the solar panel by cleaning it better and safely is  a concentrated product that must be diluted in water to wash and protect the solar panels, leaving them clean for longer.

Non-solvent / pH neutral: Does not affect metal rails or anti-reflective coatings;

Surface protection: Reduces water stains and cleaning frequency;

Biodegradable: Does not harm plant/animal life and groundwater;

Phosphate and Chlorine Free: Eco-friendly.

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Facilitate and optimize cleaning operations and procedures for O&M teams / cleaning service companies;

Enabling asset managers, utility solar park owners, residential and industrial PV solar plant owners to earn higher returns on their investments over longer periods of time;

Support PV module manufacturers by giving their customers the best possible choice in terms of a completely safe and efficient cleaning product to use on their solar panels.








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