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Attention: Read the manual before using your equipment. Proceed as indicated in the manual.  This instruction manual describes the operation of cleaning kits for solar panels supplied by Equipment specially developed for cleaning photovoltaic solar modules.  

The solar panel cleaning system includes the following accessories for water supply, connections for supplying water through conventional hoses, registers,  faucets and connector for connecting single-phase, two-phase and three-phase water pumping machines, as described in the specifications of the supplied kits.

It is of great importance to use safety equipment during cleaning work on the roof, there is a high danger. Only work with suitable safety equipment and only if there are approved fixing points on the roof.  

The solar panel cleaning set of manual brushes and rotating brushes can be used with high pressure washers, check our service center for the most suitable machine to meet your needs and  bring water savings to solar photovoltaic cleaning operations.

the kit  solar cleaning is intended for cleaning conventional solar modules with a smooth surface. The long arm can only be used for working with solar cleaning brushes.


Predictable misuse  

It is not allowed to connect solar cleaning kits to high pressure washers with pressures above the allowed.  Stepping on top of solar modules is not allowed.  

security notice  

Before using the device and its working devices, check that they are in good condition.  and safe in operation.  If in doubt about the good condition of the equipment, do not use it.  Pay attention to the manufacturer's warranty conditions.

Handling safety notice  


Our equipment is not suitable for use by people with reduced physical, sensory and psychic abilities.

Our equipment must not be operated and used by children or uneducated persons.  The long arm can only be used for work with solar cleaning brushes.

Always look for a safe position when working.  Check the modules for damage (cracks, scratches, leaks, etc.) before starting work.  

Damaged modules cannot be cleaned.

Observe the safety warnings on your equipment.  

Solar cleaning equipment may only be used by people who have been properly instructed in how to use them and who have been expressly instructed to carry out the work.  


danger of life

The cables and components of photovoltaic systems are permanently under electric current when exposed to sunlight. Direct contact with components under electric current and therefore is prohibited.

Do not carry out any cleaning work in the vicinity of high voltage cables or near other electrical equipment. Pay special attention when handling the long arm in the vicinity of high voltage cables.

danger of falling

During cleaning work at high heights. Use personal protective equipment, approved attachment points must exist and be used.

Pay particular attention to the following regulations when working with protective equipment: Eg. EN 358, EN 361, EN813, EN1497.


The lifeline and high pressure hose are a tripping hazard. Ensure that the max. permissible on the roof is not exceeded. Get in touch with  builder of the property in case of doubt. 

Beware of corrugated asbestos cement under tile, corrugated bitumen slabs, skylights or glass roofs and old or damaged tiles. In this case, it must be driven exclusively on specially constructed platforms.

Keep handles, footrests, scaffolding, platforms and ladders free of dirt.

Do not work in strong wind. Slip hazard.

Do not climb to the roof in adverse weather conditions. 

Before starting roof cleaning work, it is essential to seal off a large area on the ground with no-pass tapes and/or "Caution on roof work" signs.
  Falling objects can injure people. Keep people away from the cleaning area during solar cleaning work. 

During solar cleaning work, wear suitable protective gloves, clothing and eyewear.

Caution danger of breakage

Do not step on the modules, in order to avoid them being damaged.
  During high external temperatures, it is advisable to heat the water (max. 40°C) in order to avoid strains on the glass. Clean preferably  modules when the sun's rays do not fall on them.

Caution danger of damage

Dirty or dry brushes can damage the modular surface. Always keep the bristles clean (no dirt or sand).  Do not hit surfaces with the long arm or cleaning brush or scrape anything on the solar modules.  Do not pass the brushes on the dry modules in any way. Do not carry out solar cleaning work at sub-zero temperatures.  

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