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What is a Three-Way Handicap Bet? 6 Tips for Guaranteed Success

Understanding Three-Way Handicap Bets

In the betting markets of soccer websites, you can easily spot three-way handicap bets. This type of bet is quite familiar to Asian bettors, and in this article, we will share the most accurate way to read soccer odds for this type of bet with soccer tips betting . Additionally, experts will point out some useful tips for placing these bets.

What is a Three-Way Handicap Bet?

A three-way handicap bet, also known as a 3W Handicap, is a type of handicap bet. From the name, we can infer that it involves handicapping all three outcomes (home win, draw, away win), and in reality, this type of bet has many interesting aspects.

According to the rules, this handicap bet rounds the odds to whole numbers (1, 2, 3) rather than fractions like 0.25, 0.5, or 0.75, which are common in other Asian handicap bets.

Key Features of the Three-Way Handicap Bet

Before diving into details, let’s highlight some of the most notable features of this handicap bet:

High Payout Rates: The odds are rounded, which can be more advantageous for the player.

Applicable to Big Matches: Suitable for many major matches.

Frequent Appearance on Betting Boards: Because of its advantages, this betting method is widely used and often appears on bookmaker betting boards.

How to Place a Three-Way Handicap Bet

Placing a three-way handicap bet is similar to placing a standard handicap bet on either the first half or the entire match. However, there are a few small differences that soccer tips betting will point out for you right here.

Characteristics of Three-Way Handicap Bets

High Payout Rates: The potential winnings are higher compared to other betting types.

Rounded Odds: Beneficial for players due to rounded odds.

Popularity in Big Matches: Often used in significant games.

Tips for Betting on Three-Way Handicap Bets

Consider Team Form and Class: Evaluate the current form and level of the teams.

Assess Top Scorers: Check how the top scorers of each team are performing, including how many goals they’ve scored in recent matches.

Analyze Lineups: Determine if both teams are fielding their strongest lineups and identify the key players.

Account for External Factors: Consider the weather, home or away advantage, and the type of pitch (artificial or natural turf).

Understand Match Significance: Know the nature of the match, whether it's a knockout stage or a league match with points at stake.

Monitor Odds: Keep an eye on the betting odds to find the highest possible returns. Additionally, premium soccer tips will continually update with more strategies and insights in upcoming articles.

Final Notes on Placing BTTS Bets

When placing BTTS bets, remember these important points:

Avoid Betting on Both Outcomes: Betting on both "Yes" and "No" will guarantee a loss.

Match Cancellation or Postponement: If both teams have already scored, the bet stands. If the match is canceled or postponed with only one or no goals scored, the bet is void.

Final Decision by the Referee: The outcome is determined by the referee’s decision.

Exclusion of Extra Time: Injury time, extra time, and penalty shootouts do not count towards BTTS bets.

Responsible Gambling: If you struggle to control your betting habits, it’s crucial to seek help and avoid potential financial losses.


We hope that with these insights from soccer tips betting, you now have an effective strategy for making money from soccer betting. While the BTTS bet has a 50/50 win rate, don't let this lead to complacency. Implementing these strategies will enhance your chances of success.

Real-World Example

To better understand the concept, let’s consider a specific example of a three-way handicap bet so even beginners can easily grasp it.

Example: Manchester City vs. Chelsea

Manchester City (Man City) is playing at home against Chelsea, and the bookmaker offers three-way handicap odds as follows:

Man City with a 3-goal handicap: If Man City wins by a margin of over 4 goals, a bet on this option will result in a full payout.

If you bet 100,000 VND, you win 100,000 x 7.75 = 775,000 VND.

If Man City wins by a margin of exactly 3 goals, the bet is refunded.

Chelsea with a 3-goal advantage: If Chelsea wins, the bet pays out in full.

Additionally, if Chelsea draws or loses by a margin of 1 or 2 goals, you still win. A 100,000 VND bet will return 100,000 x 1.11 = 110,000 VND.

If Chelsea loses by exactly 3 goals, the bet is refunded.

If Man City wins by a margin of over 4 goals, you lose the full bet amount.

Calculating Winnings for Three-Way Handicap Bets

The calculation for winning a three-way handicap bet is straightforward, using the following formula:

Winnings = Bet Amount x Handicap Odds.

If you lose, you forfeit the entire bet amount. Notably, if the match is canceled, the bookmaker will fully refund all bets.

Understanding "Grass Money" and Profit Strategies

Explore the concept of "grass money" and how experienced bettors apply strategies to maximize profits in football betting. Free football tips can provide valuable insights and methods to improve your betting strategy and increase your chances of success.


By incorporating these free football tips, you can better navigate three-way handicap bets and enhance your understanding of football betting. This will help you make more informed decisions and potentially increase your winnings.

6 Effective Tips for Betting on Three-Way Handicap

For any type of bet, winning requires strategy. You can develop your own methods or learn from experts to increase efficiency and save time. Here, experts share their precise and easy-to-follow strategies for three-way handicap betting.

#1 Choose the Right Odds

Experts recommend selecting Asian Odds to reduce risk and simplify calculations, aligning with common betting habits. Additionally, mix bets on both the favored and underdog teams to increase your chances of winning.

#2 Select the Right Matches

It’s best to choose matches with balanced team strength and class. This increases the likelihood of a significant goal difference, allowing you to pick the most suitable bets.

#3 Manage Your Capital Efficiently

Avoid going "all in," betting recklessly, or placing too many bets on multiple matches in a day. Such practices can prevent you from closely following the games and result in substantial losses during a losing streak. Play with control and invest only a small portion of your capital to ensure safety and minimize risk.

#4 Stay Informed

Gather information about player performance, goalkeepers, and current managers to better predict the match outcomes. Don’t overlook news and updates provided by bookmakers, as these can enhance your luck and help you make accurate predictions.

#5 Avoid Bookmaker Traps

Only opt for three-way handicaps if the Asian Odds are high and there is a potential for a significant score difference. Investing in matches where the teams are evenly matched can lead to unexpected outcomes and increase your chances of losing.

#6 Choose a Reputable Bookmaker

Why do you always lose in soccer betting? One main reason could be choosing an unreliable betting site. Never assume that all betting sites are the same. Only reputable bookmakers offer secure transactions, fair payouts, and additional benefits.


Above are some insights into what three-way handicap bets are and the most accurate betting tips for newcomers. Best premium soccer tips believe that mastering this knowledge will boost your confidence in selecting bets, ensuring you don’t miss out on exciting and profitable betting opportunities.


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