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What Are the Betting Odds for World Cup 2026? How Many Teams Will Participate?

The 2022 World Cup has just concluded, and football fans worldwide are now eagerly looking forward to the 2026 World Cup in four years. The 2026 World Cup will feature 48 teams, an unprecedented expansion in the tournament's history. While some support this change, others argue it could diminish the quality of the event. Let's explore the latest details on the World Cup 2026 betting odds with Wintips.

What Are the Betting Odds for World Cup 2026? An Overview of the 2026 World Cup

What are the betting odds for World Cup 2026? How many teams will participate, and where and when will the event take place? Let's go through these details one by one with the leading bookmaker ratings, Wintips.

Changes in the World Cup 2026 Format

The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be the 23rd global football championship organized by FIFA. This edition marks a significant change, as it will be the first World Cup with three co-hosting countries: the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This is a departure from the tradition of a single host nation.

Following controversies over the awarding of hosting rights to Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022), FIFA implemented a new bidding process. All 209 FIFA members now have an equal vote to select the host nation, ensuring a fairer selection process. The 2026 co-hosting decision reflects this new approach.

How Many Teams Will Participate in World Cup 2026?

The 2026 World Cup will see significant changes in team participation. The tournament will expand to 48 teams, up from the previous 32. Here's a breakdown of how the teams will be distributed and the impact of these changes.

Allocation of Slots:

The first three slots are reserved for the host nations: the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The expansion to 48 teams allows more countries to compete, increasing the excitement and motivation for the qualifying matches.

Playoff Tournament:

A playoff tournament will determine the final two spots, featuring six teams competing for these last two entries.

Controversies and Opportunities with 48 Teams in World Cup 2026

The expansion to 48 teams has sparked both support and criticism. Here are some of the key points of contention and opportunity.

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The new format will increase the number of matches to 80, up from 64, while maintaining the same 32-day schedule.

More teams mean greater logistical challenges and organizational complexity. Some fans worry this could dilute the quality of the tournament.


The expansion allows more countries to participate, enhancing global representation in the World Cup.

Increased participation and matches will likely boost revenue, providing FIFA with more resources to invest in global football development.

Supportive Opinions:

Many believe a 48-team World Cup offers more opportunities for smaller and mid-sized nations to compete on the world stage.

Alejandro Dominguez, President of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), sees this as a success for global football, increasing opportunities for many countries to participate in the world's biggest football event.

UEFA also supports the expansion, viewing it as a chance for weaker teams to compete and benefit.

Negative Opinions:

Critics argue that expanding the tournament could reduce its sporting value due to the disparity in team quality.

The 48-team format, with 16 groups of three, might lead to more meaningless matches and potential collusion between teams.

Opportunities for Vietnam's National Team in World Cup 2026

FIFA's expansion provides a significant opportunity for smaller teams, including Vietnam. With eight slots allocated to Asia (up from 4.5), Vietnam's national team has a realistic chance to qualify.

Despite the promising outlook, challenges remain. Key players like Công Phượng, Văn Thanh, and Tuấn Anh will be older, potentially impacting their performance. Therefore, Vietnam must prepare thoroughly, improving team quality to compete effectively against top teams.

We hope the information shared by Wintips offers a comprehensive view of the World Cup 2026 betting odds and tournament changes. This could be one of the most anticipated and exciting World Cups in history. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates and news about this remarkable event!


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