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Discover the benefits of cleaning solar panels  


When using solar energy, the savings are instantaneous and the lack of maintenance in your solar system can compromise your investment. We are the market leader and authority on the subject, we provide the best solutions for all types of solar installations.


After serving thousands of customers with installations  challenging montages  On the ground and on the roof, we have all the experience you need to handle your solar panel cleaning needs.

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It's basically easy.  The more light comes in, the more electricity is produced.

Either way, it pays to have a clean system, as it extends its lifespan.  The cost of cleaning represents only a relatively small proportion of annual revenue.

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Solar systems are capital intensive investments, of which each manufacturer delivers  a particularly long term.  20 years is the minimum.  But this only works if the system is regularly cleaned.  These include, for example, lichens, mosses and fungi, which can settle on the surface of the solar panel.  and cause long-term damage.

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Regardless of your PV system, you will get more results if the system is clean.  It doesn't matter if you use the electricity yourself or feed it into the public grid,  you make more money and  save more.

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We offer solar cleaning kits for  high quality.  Ideas for making a  easy, quick and safe cleaning of solar panels. Our line of equipment was created especially for  professional cleaning of solar panels, we develop durable equipment with high technology, with distribution throughout the national territory.

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