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Why clean the
solar panels?

If you've had solar panels for at least six months, you're probably already experiencing production reductions. 

Anything that prevents or restricts sunlight from entering solar cells will reduce their ability to perform at maximum efficiency.

Dirt, dust, lichen, salt, bird droppings and many other environmental pollutants can drastically reduce the efficiency of your PV system,
  therefore, it is very important that you establish and maintain a regular and effective cleaning program.

The accumulation of dust, pollution and debris can cause a drop in solar production by up to 25%, contrary to all the  investment of your photovoltaic solar system.  Regular cleaning of solar systems is necessary to ensure a constant performance of the solar photovoltaic system.  Solar panels get dirty from dust, bird droppings and pollen.


Wind and rain don't remove the dirt that's impregnated  on your panels.  This dirt works like a filter, this dirt filter provides loss of generation of your photovoltaic system.

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